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"Our simplest act, our most familiar gesture, could not be performed...if we had to bring it before the mind and know it thoroughly in order to exercise it.  Achilles cannot win over the tortoise if he meditates on space and time"                           ~ Paul Valery             

Not your typical Golf School or Clinic


Mindful Golf is not just about golf; it's about learning to learn in a more natural and enjoyable manner; it's about minimizing our own internal interference so that we can express our potential in a way that is pleasing; and it's about restoring trust in ourselves and our capacity to learn.  The skills you learn with Mindful Golf are eminently transferable to other areas in your life.


Golf is both science and art.  The science of golf is well covered in traditional golf schools:  club-fitting, explanations of the Newtonian physics behind the golf swing and ball flight, video and 3-D motion data to "enhance" and "accelerate" the learning process.  Some traditional schools actually give you a videotape of yourself thinking too much and trying too hard, with comments on what you need to think about to reach the next “level”. Do you really need more data to improve…or would you rather be able to feel the distinct differences in each swing? After all, feeling is knowing and if you can’t feel it, it’s just intellectual speculation--correction without knowing.



The Mindful Golf difference


Mindful Golf Clinics and Schools focus more on the art of golf, the feeling of golf, and expressing that feeling in a natural way.  Learning from your own experience means that you can free yourself from the self-judgment and the constant self-analysis that accompanies “trying to do it right”.  Last but not least, Mindful Golf Clinics and Schools answer the questions you will rarely hear at a traditional golf school:  How would you like to swing?  What would feel most natural and would work best at this point in your development?


Employee teambuilding, client appreciation or a social gathering for a few friends, Mindful Golf will design a golf school or clinic that fits your every need. Specialized clinics and programs can be developed for corporations, conferences, clubs and private groups.


Isn’t it time that golf felt natural?



Michael Turnbull has also given many lively presentations over the last twenty years to business groups, golf leagues, and employee seminars as well as audiences at the Great Minnesota Golf Show.  His engaging, interactive presentation can be a dramatic exhibition of how self-interference gets in the way of accessing your capabilities and using your potential to learn and perform.


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