Saturday Morning

Mindful Golf Clinics

Brookview Lesson Tee, Golden Valley, MN

2015 Saturday Mindful Golf Clinics for Adults
with Michael Turnbull

Trying too hard? It doesn’t have to be that way. These clinics present a relaxed and simple way for beginners and intermediates to learn new and interesting things about a variety of golf topics…and they’re great fun. Students will learn to feel the difference between swings that work and swings that don’t. Clinics meet on Saturdays at 10 am for one hour. Clubs and balls provided. Class size is 6–10 students. $25/clinic


Saturday, May 2 10 - 11 am S5103A

Woods Clinic

Learn to feel what is important when swinging the long clubs. Discover your sources of consistency and distance with both your driver and fairway woods.     


Saturday, June 20 10 - 11 am S5103B

Pitching Clinic

Partial swings can be golf’s most difficult shots. They also are the most important scoring shots. Students will learn to use clubs from different lies and learn different types of shots to improve their score.     


Saturday, May 16 10 - 11 am S5103C

Short Swings

Students will learn simple short game techniques and methods to increase consistency and confidence. The ability to use a variety of clubs will add creativity to your game and lower your scores.


Saturday, June 6 10 - 11 am S5103D


Topping the ball? That’s not much fun. Golf is mostly played from the ground, not off a tee. This clinic presents a simple and relaxed way to feel the difference between a swing that rolls the ball on the
ground and one that launches it in the air. Discover what matters most
when hitting approach shots and develop some confidence with your irons/hybrids.


Registration for Saturday Clinics is offered through the Brookview Golf Shop.
Registration begins March, 2015

763-512-2304 with credit card


Visit the Brookview Golf Shop during business hours.